Fire and Smoke Damage FAQ

Residential Fire and Smoke Damage FAQ

A fire in your home is a life-altering event that is devastating on two levels:
1. The largest financial investment you’ve ever made is suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed.
2. The psychological repercussions can range from confusion, to depression, to outright anger.Emergency Restoration Phoenix
The professionals at AM/PM understand what you are going through on both levels, and our highly trained staff is here to support you through the entire recovery process. Upon arrival, we will inspect your damages, assist you in working with your insurer, and be at your side through the entire clean up and rebuilding process.
Answers & Solutions To Your Questions and Concerns:

Answers & Solutions To Your Questions and Concerns:

My property has just suffered a devastating fire. What do I do now?
We will liaison with your insurance company to get mitigation procedures started immediately. This can involve the inventorying and evaluation of salvageable and non-salvageable items, the relocation of salvageable items to our facility for cleaning and repair, and the demolition procedures required to start the mitigation process. Our staff will explain the entire process to you, supply and complete the requisite documentation, and answer any questions you might have concerning the restoration procedures we will be taking. Our ultimate intent is to reduce your anxiety, and make you feel less overwhelmed.
The Fire Department recommended that I get my property boarded up. Is that something that AM/PM can do?
Yes. AM/PM will respond immediately upon receiving your initial call, and will board up the premises. This provides security to your property and helps prevent further damage.
How is all of my fire damage going to be repaired?
There are several facets to accomplishing a procedure as complicated as a Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Project. It requires professional, dedicated personnel, and precise communication between the client, the insurer and the contractor.

Below we will address the main components of the restoration procedure:

How will you restore my personal belongings?
Some items can be restored on site. For items that need to be removed for de-contamination or repair, we will prepare an inventory specifying the make and model of each item and the condition of the items prior to and after the incident. This analysis will be supplied to the client and the Insurer to ensure that all work is traceable, and that proper mitigation procedures have been followed.
What about items that cannot be cleaned or restored?
The experienced personnel at AM/PM will work with you to provide your insurance company with a concise and detailed non-salvageable materials inventory of damaged items. The final decision on whether to dispose of any item will be made by your insurance company or loss adjuster. Do not throw away items, however bad they look, until you have informed the loss adjuster. Your input as to the condition, salvageability, and value is extremely important in helping to recover proper reparation for non-salvageable items.
What should I do about items of particular monetary or sentimental value?
You should advise us about any items that may require special attention. You should also advise the claims advisor. These items will be properly catalogued by our staff, and stored until a claims determination can be made.
What procedure will be used to clean and deodorize my contents?
AM/PM uses state of the art equipment, non-toxic chemicals, and procedures to restore your contents.
All soft materials such as clothing and furniture will be cleaned and decontaminated using the most effective procedures available in the industry. In addition, all soft materials will be treated for smoke odor utilizing Ozone or the latest technological system called the Hydroxyl Generating Machine that completely remove odors without masking them with “cover-up” scents.
Hard contents such as wood furniture will be wiped down with an industry approved eco-friendly material that will remove all remnants of oils and other deposits left by smoke deposits. These items will also be Ozoned.
What is the procedure for ensuring that my home will be odor free?
After the determination is made as to what materials will be removed from the structure, AM/PM’s Disaster Recovery team will begin the process of “decontaminating” the remainder of the structure. Any structural materials (framing, beams etc) that are not physically damaged beyond salvageability will be treated in a variety of ways to ensure that the structure is completely odor free.
-Sanding/wire brushing: All structural materials exhibiting burn or searing marks will be sanded to remove all visible traces of the damage.
-Cleaning and Disinfecting: All structural materials will be wiped down with an industry standard, non-toxic chemical designed to remove all traces of residue not only on the surface, but also any residue that may be trapped, or bound, within the cell structure of the wood.
-Deodorization: The entire structure will be treated with a Thermal Fogging chemical designed to permeate the wood cells and destroy any latent malodors.
Encapsulation: An Encapsulant will be applied to all structural materials to ensure that any latent odors within the structure will be unable to permeate the wood.
-Odor removal: Total and complete odor removal from the structure can only be achieved by means of removing any remaining airborne chemical bonds. This is achieved by virtue of utilizing either a Standard Ozone Machine or the latest technological system called the Hydroxyl Generating Machine. The type of fire, extent of damage, and the complexity of the structure will dictate which system will be used.
Upon completion of the structural restoration, all remaining structural materials (drywall, subfloors etc), as well as permanent fixtures such as cabinetry, mirrors, tubs, showers, etc., will be thoroughly cleaned using the same cleaning methodology used during the restoration process.
Can I use televisions and other electrical items that may have been affected?
These items should not be used until they have been assessed and if necessary, cleaned and re-evaluated.
Is it safe for me to stay in my property while smoke removal is performed?
Though the chemicals we use are non-toxic, they can cause irritation for some people. We recommend you vacate the property while we perform this work. Our Disaster Recovery technicians will be able to tell you how long this will take, which is entirely dependent upon the level of damage.
Who are the different parties involved, and what service do they provide?
The insurance agent, who sold you the policy, is the insurance company’s representative. The insurance adjuster (or claim adjuster), who is assigned to your claim, will work with us to approve and pay for the repairs based upon your insurance policy coverage limits. The mortgage company may be involved to assist with insuring your property is repaired back to pre-loss condition. AM/PM, your restoration contractor, has been hired by you and will work with all the different parties to repair your damaged property and support you through the recovery process.
Do I need to get multiple estimates?
No. Your insurance policy does not require multiple estimates. The professionals at AM/PM are fully prepared to handle your entire claim from beginning to completion. That includes: 24 Hour Emergency Services (water extraction, board-up, structural drying etc), inventorying and cleaning your personal property, restoration dry cleaning for your salvageable linens, clothing, drapery and window treatments etc., fine-rug cleaning and restoration, mold abatement, bio-hazard cleanup, odor elimination and complete property reconstruction.
How does the claim get paid?
AM/PM will provide a digital repair estimate utilizing Insurance Industry Standardized software, to the insurance adjuster who will approve the repair estimate and issue the repair payment to you, less your deductible.
When is the deductible paid?
The deductible is your responsibility and is due before any services begin.
What happens during the repair process?
The Project Manager from AM/PM’s Disaster Recovery Team, that is assigned to the restoration of your home will be scheduling the repairs with AM/PM crews and pre-approved vendors to insure the highest quality repairs. If additional damage repairs are required, the Project Manager will submit the estimate (called a supplement) to your insurance adjuster for approval before work begins. Any extra repairs requested by you that are not part of the covered restoration repairs will be paid in full to AM/PM before work on those extra repairs begins.
Who makes the fixture and construction material selections?
An AMPM Project Manager will meet with you and help you with this process. We have pre-approved suppliers that can assist with the necessary selections of construction materials, including: flooring, paint colors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, cabinets and countertops, appliances, window treatments and more..